Veterans First? My letter
Yes, hello, most likely this will be read by some, not paid enough or
volunteer to sift through and remove any real stuff and look for
possible short lines to publish for more propaganda… but just in
case there are people who really care and really want to do something
to make a difference I have a suggestion.
Sue them!
Simple as that! It is not our responsibility to manage the various
departments, though it is our job as Americans to “Govern” the
Government but on behalf of the VETs it is a matter of contract and
depravation of Rights.!!! Each and every Vet that is not being served
in accordance with the contract is a tort and depriving them of their
right to that which is in law (benefit) is a “depravation of Right or
privilege secured by the Constitution of laws of the United States”
(42 USC 1983) and since there is clearly more than one actor
(incompetence is a nice way of saying “criminal activity” and as
“agents” the “Principle” is liable) it fulfills the requirements of 18
USC 241 “If two or more persons conspire to deprive any inhabitant
…. in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege
secured to them by the Constitution or laws of the United States,
shall be fined or imprisoned not more than ten years or both…”
In my opinion the fact that no suits are pending or brought is an
indication that this “entity” which I received a call from for
donations to allegedly “do” something is just another “Front” to make
people feel good while running around doing all sorts of “things”
which look good but in the end fails to actually accomplish any
results for the “client” the VET.
Look it is simple logic.. if McDonalds serves you a bad hamburger
that makes you sick, do you spend time and money finding out “how it
happened” and then suggest ways to solve the problems for McDonalds?
NO.. hell no.. You sue them for millions and that will be motivation
for McDonalds to find the problem, fire the incompetent ones and if
there was criminal actions then put them in jail by getting the
Prosecutors to do their fricken jobs or bring actions against them for
dereliction of duty and sue their department for failure to provide
the services they are commissioned to perform.
In the end your client will get the funds needed and so much more
to go to any hospital, hotel or what ever they need and have lots left
over for a nice house, car and lifetime of medicine or better still to
go over seas and find real natural cures instead of supporting another
criminal enterprise the pharmaceuticals.But either way it gets it
done. Do that over and over and over again and request, contract with
the recipient that a portion of every suit goes to an organization
which is grass roots and does research the best deals, the homeopathic
remedies, the young college students who have engineered amazing
prosthetics, etc etc etc and leave this old ass antiquated, good old
boy criminal enterprises, behind. Sue them, sue them for millions.
It has been my experience that when you bring an action properly and
they are looking at the possibility of jail time, they negotiate a
settlement for “non disclosure agreement” so they can bury the case,
in exchange for million, tens of millions and even hundreds of
millions. Be sure that any Lawyer (not an attorney!!! an attorney is
part of the criminal enterprise that is always pecking AT law and TURN
ing it upside down to bring the people to their KNEES = ATTURNEYS.)
NO! find some people educated in law “Lawyers” and bring the properly
written suit (not some BS suit which has all sorts of holes in it for
them to walk through and get dismissed but a good prima facie case
which looks a lot like a RICO in which it has all the exhibits and
evidence, testimony etc to prove a RICO but is actually a 42 USC 1983
because you want money for your clients. And be sure that the Lawyers
are bound by reimbursement for time and services and a small
percentage of the settlement, not the bulk of it leaving the client
empty handed like has been done all too often in the past!!! In other
words “WISE UP”.
They have been playing this game for so long it is just business as
usual. And do not allow it to go to some paid for controlled judge!!
Recuse recuse, recuse, They all have skeletons in their closet and
ties to corruption so use their techniques on them to keep them in
line and be sure to get a good jury and be sure to gather lots of
culpable evidence on their attorneys defending them so you can control
them as well. Yea this is war. Play by their rules.. dirty, nasty
mean, ruthless, what ever it takes to get it done for the people for
once! Because if not then there will be, by necessity a new revolution
and they will be the first to be strung up, as they should for their
crimes as the law prescribes. The fact that no one has gone to jail
already it evidence of corruption of each and every division,
department and branch of this faux government.
But we still have the law as it is written “that to secure these
Rights Governments are instituted among men… That whenever any Form
of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of
the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,
laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in
such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety
and Happiness.”
The Constitution is in fact a “Charter” for a corporation type of
Government and it is subject to these Principles first and its charter
which is made “in pursuance thereof” “This Constitution, and the Laws
of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all
Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the
United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in
every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or
Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of
the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial
Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall
be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;”
Now you cannot “support” something if you do not know what it says,
So quit pandering to their criminal ways and get on with it. Bring
suits, and get the funds into the hands of the vets and then follow up
with suits to force the various agencies that are charged with
bringing criminal charges and have not!
Just chalk it up to another 6.2 trillion that the Pentagon has not
misplaced but properly placed in the hands of those who put their
lives on the line!!!! At least this way the people will make good use
of the funds instead of it being misused by who knows who and for
purposes that can not be beneficial for the people or else it would be
public and accounted for!
Anything less is evidence that this organization is nothing more
than another smoke screen designed to distract and in the end
frustrate the people and the VETS from what is rightfully theirs…..
“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing
invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under
absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off
such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
“Freedom is doing what needs to be done before you are forced to do it”
Blessings to all who come in kindness… truthmonger

When corruption is no longer profitable it will cease!

When corruption is no longer profitable it will cease!
This is the most obvious and profound statement I have come up with this year. This is the “Principle” of most of what we must do to win the war against corruption. In simple terms, make those that are corrupt pay pay pay until they no longer can profit from it and it will cease. By cutting off their sources of “revenues” by criminal, counterfeit and color of law activities and at the same time bringing charges with well laid out exhibits and presented in such a manner that any jury can read the actual laws and clearly see they have breached the laws, they will pay pay pay to make it go away. The more we do it right, the more we write and put together good prima facia cases and teach others to do the same the more it will cost them to engage in such criminal acts. Eventually it will just be too costly and there will no longer be the funds to pay people off or control the economy and their profits will diminish and they will lose power. Corruption will cease when it no longer is profitable. Let’s take a bite out of their profits!

Some answers to posts, writing, to do’s update.

It has been too long and this is a free write not gone over so you may need to read a few times to get it all. A question was asked about writing so I share my method and it morphed into “how to” and ends in a bit of a soapbox kick in the ass. Hope you enjoy.
“Persistence over comes resistance”
Great question.. I give you my solution and hope that you will contact me to help in my legal formatting.
For me the free writing is easy, simply write what you are feeling. Yes feeling, the logic will come automatically because anyone who has intelligence knows they criticize themselves more than any other, especially if you are seeking truth and answers. So you will automatically “support” your ideas.
I use a lot of (parenthesis) for instructional purposes and I have been learning to hit the new paragraph (return) key more often and using less “ands”.
So I write freely and then upon my review (the real work) correct all spelling first, then punctuation and then content. Which is when I will take out all the “ands'” and replace with a new sentence. Then rewrite more clearly. Sometimes I can say the same thing of ten sentences in one short precise sentence. Yet at the same time I keep in mind that a perfect, precise sentence with lot of information will go over the heads of most people who have no idea how much time and effort went into making it so. Thus I use (these to explain and suggest one read first without reading what is in the (explanations) and then go back and see if what you got was what I was expressing) to help clarify, put instructions in and guide the points home.
In other words I do it BACKWARDS from the way we were taught in school (to have an outline first). Instead write what is already in your head and then put it into an outline. Find the headers, the best way in which you wrote it etc.. (in College I would “free write” a minimum of three times and then sit down with colored pens and circle the various thoughts and from those find the best. I also would find that the “theme” of the paper became obvious by how many times I would express it.)
Even titles are easily found within the free writing. All the “elements” are there if you did your homework and research well. If you did not then the holes will become obvious and then you must go back and do it. But that creates a new problem. You will invariably find new information which cannot be easily stuffed into the old writing. (I have tried and it just does not fit) So one now must do the free write all over again and then put your paper together from that. Your “theme” has changed with the new information.
As to legal docs… that is an animal of another sort, because one must have certain required “elements” and unfortunately restrict your words to those elements and secure them with various case law.
Thus back to the way they taught you in school.. but with someone’s help I can do both. I free write then get someone with reasonable knowledge to break it down into sections and create an outline (elements) which I am finding is most useful to put at the beginning of the paper so that others will know what the law says you must accomplish and your opponent cannot try to say you did not accomplish it when it is right in their face.
(remember in the legal system today one must “BOX THEM IN” with the law and case law so there is no place for them to go. This includes the judge and sets one up for the inevitable appeal and eventually a 42 USC 1983 Deprivation of Rights suit!).
I have not written here in some time because I have been unable to access the administrative side of this site.. Sorry.. and a lot has developed over the last several months. Namely what I just wrote above which deserves re-reading and getting it into your brain, strategy, thinking and actions!!
“remember in the legal system today one must “BOX THEM IN” with the law and case law so there is no place for them to go. This includes the judge and sets one up for the inevitable appeal and eventually a 42 USC 1983 Deprivation of Rights suit!”
One day I had my headlight on and my glasses with the dog in my lap as I rolled her skin to expose the surface under the hair to see the flees underneath. As I roll they run, and just as I zero in on it to pinch it in between my fingers to put it into soapy water, it jumps and jumps and it is gone.. kinda like a video game hyper-leap…. What I learned to do was to use my rolling fingers to BOX IT IN, and then pinch it to stun it and then pluck it and throw it into the soapy water where the moment it kicks it breaks the surface tension and falls to the bottom and drowns.
As I was doing this it so reminded me of attorneys and judges today. They run like hell when exposed, use every trick in the book and any unlawful practice to avoid the exposure and then just when you have them exposed and ripe for the plucking they hid hyper-jump and completely ignore or sidetrack the whole case and you lose your grip and stand there looking dumbfounded. I had a sheriff one time come over and asked “what just happened, you made your points so well?”
Fore knowledge is for warning.
Strategy.. let me rephrase that STRATEGY, STRATEGY, STRATEGY… Do you have one?
Probably Not!! and that is the problem! Because people who have “STRATEGY” have forethought and see a bigger picture, a future, a plan of attack and retreat, backup plan and long term strategy.
If you think the law will save you, protect you, keep you free or do any of what it was intended, you are sadly mistaken!! You.. yes YOU, not someone Re-presenting you, have to “have and bear arms.. of the law” You must learn how to use it, how to control it and how to maneuver within the “jurisdiction” of the law.
It is no different than learning baseball, football or any other sport, language, society, technology or song for that matter. How many coaches think they will win a game on the first play, first down, first quarter, first game??? None.. this is not boxing!!! and you are not a champion boxer. Chances are you have never put on gloves in your life and never take a punch to the gut, face or kidney. So suck it up this is “an adversarial engagement”!!!
You are not, NOT a victim here! You are an American a Victor!! Prepare for battle with exercise, study and use of your weapons, Practice, having plans, backup plan and a backup to the backup. Strengthen your weaknesses and shore up places you know they will attack. (in fact it is a useful strategy to present a weakness as bate, to slam them later on… in fact that is the winning game plan all along. You must pretend to be weak, stupid, ignorant and frustrated as you plod along making your proper, irrefutable record (evidence) of their abuses, unlawful behavior and conspiracies to deprive you of your “Rights secured by the Constitution or laws of the United States”).
You cannot win a game if you are constantly off sides, jumping the line, not in uniform, too many players on the field, etc etc… so you need to read and know the rules of the game. Watch any video gamer who wins, they know all the rules of play and all the special moves to get to the next level. They do not focus on loosing or winning but playing to get to the next level and racking up points.
When you know the game you will lose to win. Yes, lose to win. You will always be a winner because every move and every apparent loss is actually part of your strategy to win the game in the end. Anything else will depress you, turn you into a victim and you will whine like a pig for months and do nothing thinking there is nothing you can do because the world is against you. Boo hooo… get over it.. you are fore warned!!!
Forget about getting depressed upon finally waking up and realizing all the conspiracy nuts were right and that your whole world of trust in the law and the Judicial system was false… dust yourself off, get back up, get mad as hell and take up the arms available to you, learn to use them effectively, learn guerrilla warfare (see guerrilla discovery manual) teach your family, especially your children and make it a family thing!!! This is Your life, your country, your laws they are trampling on and you have a responsibility to do something about it, now.
Throw away the TV. Yes get rid of it entirely… You do not have the strength to keep it turned off.. it stares at you all the time.. it has been an integral part of your life, it has replaced your family activities. Watching TV together is not a family activity. Playing a game of who can find the best case law ( that fits the parameters you need for your suit… and having fun doing it together, each on their own computers and comparing them together, finding templates and filings of others who have won on, making a contest out of it, finding supreme court case law and sharing it with others, having meetings to share what has worked, has not and why, with neighbors, having community meetings with the whole family and invite the various “law” agents to that meeting as you read the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and test them on their knowledge of the actual law as it is written not as they have been told it is written, this is family, this is community this is fun, this is security, this is your responsibility as it is every Americans “duty”.
This is why it is called “Government” it is “Meant to be Governed” and those that hold any office what so ever has voluntarily agreed to be “governed” by it. Not the people who are “self governing” “so long as he does not trespass upon their (anyone else’s) rights”
Super duper helpful methods:
1. Find document, if you read more than two lines because it may be useful, immediately copy and paste it into a word doc.
2. Go back to the site you found it and copy the ural and past it at the top of the word doc.
3. Go back to the page and copy the title and then save the document with that name in a File titled by the subject matter of the case. (note: many times one case will apply to several different subjects. ie- summary judgment (type-good example of one, layout, template or just a good source of information, explanation of what one is.
And also the subject matter “right to travel”, abortion, taxes , etc. so it would go into multiple files, “Motions file”, “useful case law file”, “summary judgment file”, and of course the subject matter file “right to travel file”)
There are times when I will keep a case to tear it apart and show myself where they went wrong and how to correct it. These can be good learning tools for you as well….
Yes the courts are corrupt at least the lower ones that effect the majority of people but seldom are they that “wrong” technically if they are published but after awhile you will begin to see how the Court craft fully used the law to actually violate the Principle of protections of the laws for the people.
But these can be useful to know what to expect so that you can “BOX THEM IN” knowing their play.
Reading appeals cases that were over turned are excellent because you will soon see a pattern of the superior courts finding something of value to overturn and they will define the law better and show you how to present the law in a manner most poignant and able to make it stick.
4. Now as you read the document use the various highlight colors to highlight useful cases, quotes, principles, references which you can then use in your docs.
a. I use green for “whahoo this is just what I need”,
b. yellow is for “watch out, warning, be sure to address, don’t forget, caution this is an example of their Bull Shit… ,
c. Every shade of blue is “it is what it is it is useful to know, useful principle, important to note etc.”,
d. Purple is “maxims of law” and
e. Red is “WTF are you talking about” to be addressed at a later time or something you really need to avoid find a way around or don’t waste your time with arguing that at this time… go find a law of statutes that will work because these idiots are not going to change their minds with your beginners abilities… not to not keep it in the back of your mind as you slowly gather more and more evidence to the contrary to argue when you are skilled and ready to assault their “business as usual” pre-misconceptions…
5. Save it with “highlighted” or “H” so you know it is now able to be used for quick reference without reading the whole thing again.

By the WAY: When reading cases… read the conclusion first…. Go me you will save a lot of time and frustration by doing so. Nothing worse than being strung along with good common sense for ten pages only to have the court in the last sentence say “all that is well and good but we determine that it does not apply so you Lose”
Just read virtually any appeals court case of a fraudclosure in Maryland…. How they basically say that counterfeit documents, Robosigning, Fraud upon the public land records and fraud upon the court records as well as not having either Standing or Capacity as well as the fact that there is no provision in law or the contract (deed of trust) matters. “Your labeled the “Borrower” and you “defaulted” they are saying they have the instrument without showing they have it in fact or that they are entitled to payment but that matters not because they are attorneys and well you lose your home.
Same with the unlawful tax sales you’re a taxpayer (actually you think you are the taxpayer but it is the all upper case name that is the taxpayer and you are assumed to be the fiduciary agent obligated and authorized to pay the alleged tax. Only problem is, is that there is no evidence that there ever was any taxable activity engaged in on that property (no for profit activity under an entity created by the State such as a Corporation, LLC, Partnership or municipality off the State. (see definition of “person” in the tax Statutes)
Plus there is no due process of law and the land records do not record any “transfer” of any right title or interest to the property so by law they are selling counterfeit instruments (violation of 18 USC 471-474)
6. Many times I will keep a blank document open to paste quotes from the case, case law to look up later (sometimes now) and file it under “useful stuff” and even save to other folders where is can be used.
7. Records,,,, it is all about keeping records!! So get used to it. Organize as you go. Set up a system of records. I used to save based upon the suit at hand but now as you can see I save in subject folders as well for future use and to aid in organizing the brain. In any one case you will file many motions (if you are not then you are not controlling the case or the outcome) and each motion is a subject matter unto itself!! No different than a special teams outfit that practices special plays and where a pass play has very different dynamics than a running play, quarterback sneak, flitter flutter, pitch out, hand off or punt, onside kick etc. Each one is a totally different animal and all to get the ball down field. Few are to actually make a touchdown. !!
8. I have a file with all the stamped copies from the court. Another with all the documents concerning the case many times with copies of documents of the case. Another series of files containing each and every motion with two sides, one with their docs, the other with mine so I know who’s side of the court the ball is in. Then there is the ever evolving play book, strategy, steps laid out, where we are with it, including an ongoing update of the court docket very important,( I have all too many times waited to hear from the court or the other side only to find they never sent me anything but moved forward in the case without me. Especially when you have put a hurdle in front of them.. they just move forward as if you never filed anything.. ) so very bizarre and a very helpless feeling when you thought you were winning.
Document it, Document it and make record of it and then get a certified copy of the documents from the court right away (I have had documents literally taken out of the file by the clerks and everyone pretends it was never there or the other side say they never receive it.. oops I happen to have a certified stamped copy from the court right here or a copy of the certified mailing showing from the website showing they received it on… 12/14/2014.
Yes, they lie cheat and steal.. that is what criminals do and unruly teenagers, both of which is a compliment to them. But by knowing this ahead of time and making, and keeping good records of their criminal acts which deprived you of due process, equal protections of the law and a multitude of others including State laws, all of which injured you .. and well 42 USC 1983 here we come with a prima facia case worth several millions unless they want to go for a jury trial and risk the jury making it tens or hundreds of millions and even jail time…..
Yes you score goals and win the game by how much evidence you can gather along the way of their criminal activities and properly present it in documents and exhibits for a jury to determine their fate.
They will negotiate a settlement, and you must hold out for the millions and actually get paid before you sign any non-disclosure agreement.
This is how we will win the war.
When corruption no longer is profitable it will cease! No matter how big, how powerful, when it no longer is profitable it will cease and once it ceases and the payoffs stop… think about the law coming back with a vengeance….
Yes Jesus it coming back in the form of Justice! By and through us, those who hold on to faith and take action based upon that faith, knowing our savior gave us the tools to overcome evil. “evil” is “live” backwards and “the only thing evil needs to prosper is for good men(and women) to do nothing.”
Note: Women… get off your asses and take action.. this is as much your game as anyone’s!! You need to encourage your man, your children, your neighbors to study, learn and take action!!
This is not going to pass and buying another pair of shoes will not make it go away! Do it now before they come for you and your man and your children! Before they kidnap your children’s minds and condition them to be drone slaves to unlawful activities as if perfectly normal. You nor your children are born to be slaves and unless you or they are conducting a for profit activity by use of a state created entity (LLC, Corporation, Partnership) then they are not a “person” as defined in the tax code and cannot be a “taxpayer” as defined in the tax code.
Your property is yours.. you own it “allodial” in nature.. in your own right, not subject to any overlord” not taxable unless you are engaged in a taxable activity as an entity of the State. Taxes is for “Entities of the State” and a “taxpayer” is one who is responsible for paying taxes on behalf of the “entity of the State”. There is no provision, nor can there be by law as it is prohibited by law, for any of the people to be taxed in their capacity as a “natural man/woman”. You are not nor are your children nor is your man, “a creation of the State”. Thus they are not “subject” to the State!
Men have been beaten down and virtually emasculated to the point that they are simply “yes dear”, “what ever you say dear” wimps. Very good for you at home but totally useless when it comes to protecting you and your children. So you have become the new “in control” of the household, so it is upon you to teach, train, encourage cognitive thinking and application of thought into action to accomplish these important tasks. You are designed both physically, mentally and emotionally to handle this game for the long term. Why do you think you cry? To get rid of the emotions that could hold you back. Most men on the street were emotionally damaged and as a result delve into the dark world of uselessness. Women you are endowed by your Creator with a purpose greater than yourself, to bear children so you have what it takes to get this done more than any man and you control the energy of the family. Do you really want to go to work every day and be a slave to that job, while your hard earnings are stolen from you right under your nose by color of law actions? Do you really like the necessity of two jobs to just survive? Seriously? When do you have time to enjoy life and how many men are there available to enjoy life with or are they struggling to just make it by too??
Do you want your children to be “just a brick in the wall” never owning anything, always subject to tyranny and theft? Look up how many millions, yes millions of people in desperate times have their property take away for not paying an unlawful tax. Is not the whole point of owning property the ability to run to it and be secure on it in times of hardship? Do you even think of such things while you are on that hamster wheel of disinformation?
This is exactly why the Revolution came about…to be free from servitude free from an overlord, free from taxes, free from being told what, where, how and when to do things you choose to do, in your own way and “Pursuit of Happiness”.
“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
Now that is about as clear as it can be, isn’t it? Do you feel Safe? Do you feel Happy? If you do not do as you are told, if you do not pay, pay and keep paying do you feel safe in your home, possessions, and are you happy with being told what to do with your property and if you do not then you will be fined and if you cannot pay the fines then your property will be taken from you and you will be destitute and now if you do not have the funds to pay for health insurance you will be fined and even imprisoned??? Is this the America you want to leave to your children, your grandchildren?
So you support human trafficking? Because that is what this is in its most obvious form. More and more women, daughters are turning to trading sex just so they can stay out of jail. And because so many women are at work they are not keeping their children safe. One moment they are there the next they are overseas being brutally sexually assaulted by hundreds of johns for a penny. How can you not stop this and the genocide of goodness and kindness, safety and Happiness and the outright murder of peoples rights around the world financed by your failure to learn the law and insure its integrity by applying it properly and managing your public servants “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”
“Either you are part of the solution or you ARE the problem.” And 18 USC 4 sais you can be imprisoned up to three years for failing to do something about it. So do you want to continue being a criminal and supporting and providing funds for criminals, terrorists and warmongers for profit and human trafficking or do you want to STOP, turn yourself around and make a difference in this world before you go? You cannot take any of your shoes, jewelry, fancy dresses, not even your fantasies with you when you go, so why not make your time here more valuable than mere things and make that Happiness for yourself and others.. starting now!
Take one hour a day to read and memorize the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, it is the declaration of freedom and the public Trust from which all Government is derived in this country. Then go to the Constitution and read Article VI and the amendments first, then go back and read from the establishment of limited powers in the first five articles. Understand just what a republic is and how the “Principles” it is founded upon have been corrupted and what you, we can do to get it back.
Thank you! Blessings to all who come in kindness

Oh, back to the writing thing.. use a lot of “quotes” :-}

“…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;”