How to Defeat Tyranny | Foresight and Courage

 Doreen Agostino

   Fragile world conditions, unemployment, 1 billion starving people, extreme Earth changes, unexplained solar activity, buoy data recording a rise in sea floor over 2,000 feet [700 meters] off the Indonesian coast [last 3 months], prompt me to share a post from World Mathaba, an independent, privately-funded, non-profit news agency providing a global gathering place for people with a common purpose; liberation in a new conscious world.

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Dumb or Dumber for President

     Last night, I tried to sit down and watch the debate between Mitt “the magic underwear” Romney and Barack “I forgot my birth certificate” Obama-Soetoro-Davis.  I don’t know about anyone else, but just the idea of these two creeps running anything other than a lemonade stand makes me have nightmares.  I lasted 17 minutes before I had to shut it off because I felt that if I watched any more of it, I would be less intelligent and far more dumber than I am now.  I need everything I can get when it comes to intelligence, and I don’t need the Presidential debates dumbing me down any further.  After decades of wasting time in school, I value whatever intelligence I have left. Continue reading