Moral Checklist!!!

How Do I Avoid Evil?  
      It has been awhile since I used to carry this around in my pocket. But it is a nice list of character building virtues that should be acquired by everyone. These are from early Christian writings: The Epistle of Barnabus and The Didache. The full writings may be found here. While this is not exhaustive, it is a good start. I used to read it everyday and I think I’m going to start doing it again. The reason for this is because when we get around a group of people, it isn’t always good. We should have something available to help us remind ourselves how we are supposed to conduct ourselves. Religion is useless if it DOESN’T improve or set the standard of character a man’s behavior. There is no substance to that religion because the moral structure has been weakened because of ignorance and neglect.  All I know is that these things have kept me out of a lot of trouble and I know that they work.
Walter Allen Thompson

Skype makes chats and user data more available to police

Skype makes chats and user data more available to police

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Skype, the online phone service long favored by political dissidents, criminals and others eager to communicate beyond the reach of governments, has expanded its cooperation with law enforcement authorities to make online chats and other user information available to police, said industry and government officials familiar with the changes.Surveillance of the audio and video feeds remains impractical — even when courts issue warrants, say industry officials with direct knowledge of the matter. But that barrier could eventually vanish as Skype becomes one of the world’s most popular forms of telecommunication.