Obama is getting ready to kill and imprison Americans very soon.

I received this today… Unsure how accurate the info is, but do your own research & if true then the game has just stepped up a notch ~Jack

I need everybody to go read this article and spread to every source we can.  Stew Webb says he has inside word now that Obama is getting ready to kill and imprison Americans very soon.  I don’t ask you to post very many things but this article MUST go viral.

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FDA rejects new name for high fructose corn syrup

  • FILE – This Sept. 15, 2011 file …
  • FILE – In this Sept. 15, 2011 file …
  • FILE – This undated file image …
NEW YORK (AP) — High fructose corn syrup won’t get a wholesome new name after all.
The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday rejected the Corn Refiners Association’s bid to rename its sweetening agent “corn sugar.”

RobbRyder here.. (again)..

Not to be outdone.. Bobby (not Bob from earlier).. calls his bank.. “I’m look for the discharge of mortgage” for 8 year old mortgage.. ”
Bank.. but your mortgage is not satisfied…
Bobby… The National Banking Act says a mortgage cannot last longer than 5 years, this one 8 years old… satisfy the mortgage and send me my securities..
“Bank”  But we have an contract..
Bobby… we do not have a contract, you never signed the deed of trust, therefor you did not loan me anything.. either satisfy the mortgage, close the account and send me my securities  or put on an affidavit under penalty of perjury why not, or I am filing a criminal complaint for Bank Fraud..